In the southernmost corner of Spain, where we have the best subtropical climate throughout the entire year, triathletes and cyclists come to us for training from season to season as Almeria Triathlon Training offers the best conditions for every single athlete: professional, experienced age grouper or beginner.

Our service includes:
  • accommodation in apartments and four-star hotels, directly on the Mediterranean coast
  • half-board or full-board service
  • airport transfers: Almeria, Murcia, Alicante
  • coaching upon request in swimming, cycling and running

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Our training environment

Pool sw

For swimming we offer two brand-new swimming pools within 10-minute driving distance, both of them with rented lanes where our athletes can enjoy best training opportunities. We include a minibus transfer for all pool sessions.

Open water swimming

Due to the geographical location of our camp, the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea offers almost year-round training opportunities for motivated athletes willing to swim in wetsuits during the winter months. Temperatures reach 15-16 degrees in the winter, while from May until later October we can enjoy amazing open-water training sessions without wetsuits.

Swim coachin

The best way to control and correct the swimmers´ technique is by looking at them from above and from the side. Using a kayak allows us to assess their movement in the water and perform on-spot corrections. Our experience has proven this to be one of the best methods to improve the efficiency in the water and make triathletes better open-water swimmers.


For cycling the quiet, low-traffic and excellent-quality roads offer the best conditions for all training needs. Rolling hills on amazing and breathtaking coastal roads, mountain passes and also flat courses that are already popular with many professional cycling teams that already have discovered this "back-to-basics", but soon to be widely recognized training location.


For running we have a wide variety of tracks. Starting from flat, easy courses on the beach, hilly paths inland and also mountain climbs for the ambitious runners/triathletes. Do you like lemon and orange groves? Our running paths runs through the most amazing citrus groves in Almeria. We can boast of the best mountain dirt roads, which means that you never have to run on concrete or asphalt anymore, athletes can enjoy injury-free training sessions in best conditions.

What Almeria offers us:
Healthy climate, mild temperatures, 330 days of sunshine per year, very little traffic on roads, fantastic coastal cycling routes.

Our location:    04621 Vera Playa, Almería, Spain

For more information and booking:

telephone: +34 667 000 847